Quebec City


Banff, Alberta

Ottawa, Ontario


The Whistler Resort is the largest and most popular skiing destination in North America. This region of the country has spectacular mountain formations such as Whistler and Blackcomb, making it the ultimate destination for snow sports enthusiasts.
What makes Whistler worth the visit is the travel itself: from Vancouver it is a two-hour drive which offers dazzling views of waterfalls, mountains, lakes, and ocean shores.
Ottawa is the country’s capital, it is where government buildings, financial districts, and commercial establishments are located. Passing right through the city is the Rideau’s Canal that turns into the world’s largest skating area. Despite being the nation’s capital, Ottawa is able to preserve its culture and stay true to its connection with nature.
Canada is such a big country that you cannot simply see everything in one visit, so make sure to plan your adventure to maximize time. These are only few of the places you can experience, but do not be afraid to delve and be absorbed in the activities and sights that Canada has to offer. Canadians are known to be one of the happiest people on earth, that is why I am sure you would have a great time.
November 12, 2016

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